For this problem, there are still some people who are still hesitant in placing waterfall pond in a house. So, not a few of the people who often mistaken in making artificial waterfalls for their homes, especially in their homes so many people assume that if someone who adds artificial waterfalls in their homes will only make the appearance of his house feel narrow and disturbing views of the house. Try from yourself to be able to organize and arrange where the placement of a waterfall pond with good and right with the aim that your house looks comfortable and fun and do not look narrow.

So, where is the proper place to store and patent a waterfall pond for a house? There is a solution to solve the problem. First, you can create an artificial waterfall to put in front of your home. Lots of people have their waterfalls and put them in front of the house with the aim to attract the attention of many people passing through their homes to make them look more attractive. It is advisable not to keep the artificial waterfall around the entrance area of the house so as not to disturb yourself or others who will enter your home.

Second, you can put the waterfall pond in the backyard of your house. Because, if you feel the front yard of your house is not suitable and not possible to add artificial waterfalls as home decoration, then you can put it behind your house so that everyone who comes to your home to be served with a view of your own waterfalls that beautiful. It is advisable not to put an artificial waterfall close to the border of the area inside your home because it will make the floor of your house tarnish and have a high risk for someone to slip and hurt.