One of the equipment that we will definitely meet in our kitchen is a dishwashing sponge. Without this sponge, we would have difficulty to wash various cutlery such as plates, cups, spoons, forks, and so forth. It’s just that, many of us who tend to be lazy, to replace this dishwasher sponge to apparently look dirtier or the shape becomes unfamiliar. In fact, dishwashing sponges that have been in this condition could cause health problems.

Because it is used to clean up a variety of cutlery and cooking, the sponge will certainly get dirtier. To deal with it, we will also wash this sponge with soap and warm water in the hope of making it clean. Unfortunately, according to health experts, this is not enough to make this sponge free from various bacteria and germs. In fact, if this sponge continues to be in a wet condition, the sponge would be an ideal place for bacteria to breed.

Health experts say that the shape of a sponge that has a hollow texture and is able to absorb water can turn out to be an ideal place for bacteria to breed. These bacteria can even hide in those cavities as we attempt to clean them.

If we use a dishwasher sponge that has been contaminated with this bacteria to wash the cutlery, then it is feared this eating equipment has also been exposed to bacteria. When we eat by using the tableware, then the bacteria can enter into our stomach and cause some dangerous diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, to typhoid.

Health experts advise us to replace these dishwashing sponges at least once a week to prevent these health problems.