The 7 Golden Rules To Have A Fantastic Terrace

In this Book of Ideas we will see together some tricks to create a perfect terrace for relaxation and social occasions, in which to enjoy a natural space within the domestic landscape. The creation of the terrace of the space depends, as we shall see from many factors, some of which can not be modified.

Arrange the plants

Place the plants in the bathroom allows you to create a friendly and healthy environment. Not only brings advantages from an aesthetic point of view, embellishing and coloring the room, but also from the point of view of hygiene makes it clean and healthy air and allows a better oxygenation of the environment. Whether the bathroom is small or large to think of introducing green plants help to create a feeling of pleasure and intimacy, well-being and relaxation.

Place flowers on the windowsill

To beautify and perfume your bathroom you can think of to fix the fresh holes on the windowsill or on a shelf or shelves present. Introducing vases with colorful flowers of various kinds and types help to make the space more welcoming and more familiar, more intimate and more enjoyable. Rather than cut flowers better to choose plants with fresh and aromatic flowers such as different types of orchid or so widespread bamboo, ideal for bathrooms minimalist and oriental style.

Use wooden furniture

The natural wood element has advantages that no other material has. It can be worked with ease and adapt to all requirements of space gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, but also conveys elegance and luxury. In addition, it contributes to the atmosphere of the room and is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. As a result, the furniture in fine wood finishes are more and more their entry into the bathroom turning what was once considered a simple toilet in a living room.

Using the stone as a coating

The stone is an increasingly used material adorned the original bathroom. Is natural, though it retains its original shape and is inserted in the contexts creating pleasant surfaces, where the raw nature of the material remains unchanged, or rebuilt, that is machined to present a homogeneity in the surface, in the shape and size. The bathroom is in natural stone is a single bath, since it does not exist in nature of natural stone portions identical. The stone veneer, however, it is proposed as a cheaper alternative to natural stone in the bathroom and was chosen because it can give the pleasant optical effects and has a lower cost than natural stone.