Has a beautiful face is a dream for women. To obtain this, many women are willing to do anything like use lightening creams and even some that take instant steps by performing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is one step in an instant be able to reconstruct parts of the body that are considered less than perfect. With plastic surgery is expected to have a body part that can be deformed A shortage of as expected. Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

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Using instant way as plastic surgery has many advantages to support your beauty. However, not infrequently a plastic surgery that led to the failure. So this makes the face more strange and unpalatable. Before deciding to perform plastic surgery. Here are the side effects of plastic surgery for body health.

Negative Impact of Plastic Surgery


Moments seletah operation is completed, usually the patient will bleed. If the bleeding does not stop immediately course this will lead to complications and blood pembekuaan. Blood clotting that occurs will make the skin color to purple or blue-black. In medical terms, it is called a hematoma. Continuous hematoma can lead to other problems such as infection.

Anesthesia reaction

The side effects of plastic surgery next anesthetic reaction. As you know when a surgical procedure lasts much needed anesthesia or certainly the most referred to an action for pain relief while undergoing surgery or operation. One of them is plastic surgery. Someone who has a particular medical history may require a longer time to respond. Not only that, such person may also experience more serious reactions in the vital organs such as the heart. A common reaction experienced by a person after surgery are nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness for too long.

Nerve damage

Besides bleeding and anesthesia negative reactions, side effects of plastic surgery also suffered nerve damage. If this is the case, then the body after surgery will experience numbness or nerve damage.

Blood clotting

Blood clots usually occur after plastic surgery procedures performed. This result will make someone into operation should not be moved during the recovery process. In addition, if a blood clot occurs in vital organs such as the heart or brain, this would require a very serious medical treatment and can be harmful to the patient.

Pain and Scars

Someone who had undergone surgery process must already know that one of the most frequent side effect is pain and scarring at the incision area. The pain can be alleviated by taking the drug, but scars can not be eliminated instantly, to eliminate needed care at a cost that is quite expensive.

Now that some of the side effects of plastic surgery for body health. Read also the article about type silicone injections and side effects.