Photographic Composition – Frames

Insert framing (in English) is a technique often used to emphasize the subject of our photography.

Inserting a frame that is either a window or even a single branch occupying one of the lateral areas of the photo has the ability to hold the movement of our eye that will no longer be free to move and focus on what is enclosed inside Of the frame. In addition, the same frame has a feature of no indifferent depth in most photos of the collection here, the frames are all in the foreground of the subject and often the same is out of focus. A trick that allows our brain to give a certain depth to our shot. Depth that is further emphasized in the case of the use of multiple frames as in the photo below it would be very different to photograph only the subject placed in the center of the scene and above all would miss the sense of distance from the photographer who is instead created by the two frames present. In the same picture the eye is almost trapped on the figure of man and almost forgets the landscape that is seen at the bottom of the picture.

Using a frame is easier than it may seem the case above is in fact an example we rarely find in reality (unless you often turn to construction sites). A frame can also be a door or a window as in the picture below where the darker color frame also introduces a discontinuity element smiles multimedia, a strong contrast to the subject of the scene.

In the absence of architectural elements one can use even more simple frames branches, leaves that surround completely or even only partially the subject. Let’s look at the two photos below in the first case, the plants almost cover the scene leaving a central area open on which our eye pauses (I also notice the chromatic choice, which is particularly interesting).

Another distinctive element that makes a frame more or less effective is the contrast the more the frame turns out to be different (as shapes and colors) from our subject, the more effective it will be. In the second photo, the branches are particularly dark to the point of not being able to see all the details it is not a mistake but a well-defined choice by the photographer that in this way makes the eye disinterested them.