How to remove acne scars is not easy to do because at the time of acne that had appeared on your face turned into acne scars then acne scars will not just be a trace but can be a stain on your face is very difficult to remove.

In fact, there are some cases where the acne scars on his face actually grows over time, so long acne scars will become a spot that when you are elderly will certainly make your face does not look clean and spotted.

Eliminating Acne Scars

Although it is old, but of course if you keep your face clean, then it is a very happy for you is not it? Therefore, if you see any acne scars after your acne is gone, then you should immediately overcome by way of eliminating acne scars to completion.


Actually, how to remove acne scars can be easy to do, do not need to do a variety of complicated actions to go to a dermatologist and so forth, which requires a large cost, if the acne scars are still you can solve it yourself then you certainly better do way Remove the acne scars.

Not just a matter of cost, but actually around you there are a lot of natural ingredients that can help you in how to remove acne scars completely, but because so far you do not really know about it then finally useful ingredients to remove acne scars at all It never crossed your mind. You can read more about pimple on earlobe causes here.

If you want a little effort, then the acne scars on your face while you remove yourself in an easy and natural way. Below are some natural ingredients that are easy for you to get.

Here’s how to use it to complete how to remove acne scars:

1. Using Lemon Water, Juice

If you’ve often heard from various beauty product ads in various media, then of course you’ve heard about collagen is not it? Collagen is a substance that can be produced in your own body that greatly helps the body regenerate dead skin cells to become new again in skin tissue so that your skin becomes younger looking.

This collagen content is often embedded in some beauty products that are useful to prevent premature aging. Instead of using these products there is actually a natural ingredient that can help your body to produce collagen and can even be very helpful in how to remove acne scars, the material in question is a lemon.

How to use it is very easy and takes just a few minutes, you can prepare a lemon that has been washed, then press the lemon fruit, so slightly flattened so that water, juice will be more easily removed, then cut into two parts of two parts was then squeezed To take the juice.

Well sari water is what you put on the surface of your face acne scars, let stand for 15 minutes a minute after that clean your face with cold water. If the skin again dry, then uses a moisturizer, especially in the area of ​​the face that has been cleaned by using lemon water.

2. Using Orange Peel

If by chance you have finished eating oranges and leaving peeled peeled skin, then do not remove the orange peel. Try to dry it for a few days to dry, then puree the dry orange peel into a fine powder.

Combine the water in the dry orange peel powder until it is like cream and apply on your face. Leave on for some time and after that you can clean your face by using warm water. What’s wrong with this orange peel? Why is it smeared on your face?

It turns out the orange peel that you usually throw away after you take the orange fruit flies on it, this is a very useful natural ingredient in how to remove acne scars. Because on the orange peel there is a very high vitamin C and a substance called alpha hydroxy acid that can be absorbed by the skin perfectly, not only remove acne scars, but your face can be cleaner and brighter after using it, because all the dirt is clogged in the pores -pores on your face can also be thoroughly cleaned so that even with routine care you can always avoid the existence of acne which one cause due to dirty face.