Kneeboarding is a great place to begin if you are a newcomer to boat-towed water sports. This is because of the very low center of gravity, which means that you may get on your board easier than with sports such as waterskiing and wakeboarding. What do you need to begin with kneeboarding? First, you need to pick between two kinds of boards.

There’s a trick board along with a slalom board. A trick board will have a great deal of curvature at the bottom with thick railings while a slalom board is horizontal on the bottom with sharp rails. Slalom boards can also have fins even though this is typically not good for tip boards. A couple of boards can even be found with retractable fins so you may use them in both functions.

The most common way from the beginning when it comes to kneeboarding is the belly starts. You start out lying on your board on your stomach with all the strap pointing towards the front of the board. Ensure that the nose of this board is sticking up out of the water. Grasp the rope with one hand while using both hands to grip either side of the plank.

Then once the ship starts moving you should pull your knees ahead so they fit into the padded knee-wells of this plank. When doing this it’s important to maintain your weight and don’t lean too far forward. Ensure you tighten the strap until it feels secure. While doing so attempt to keep your arms slightly bent.

Now that you are up and moving you will need to know how to properly steer your kneeboard so that you can be prepared to learn some neat tricks afterward. First, make sure to grab the grip with your palms or for some it is more comfortable to steer with one palm down and one up. Either way, find a grip that is comfortable for you then place your hands a couple inches apart on the deal for the best control.

Then once you wish to turn left you can pull the handle towards the right hip while leaning your head and torso to the left. For better turns you simple pull and lean tougher.

When turning be sure to keep your weight on the tracking rail of this board. It’s best, to begin with, slalom like motions when turning to a kneeboard till you get used to it. Before venturing away from the wake keep your turns within the aftermath. This way you can get all the essential practice before venturing into the more difficult maneuvers.