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Best Double Edge Safety Razor Recently on The Market

Best double edge safety razor is very important recently to clean up men beards. Especially when majority of men tryna facial hair to maintain their looks. That’s why facial hair speak a lot into men needs.

Since appeal is the most important, majority of men shave everytime the beard gotten length. To get the best result, its important to have the best double edge safety razor. But they are plent of razors have offered in the market. That plenty number makes you confuse which one basically suitable for you. before making a purcahse, it is very important if you know what you need, what type of beard you have, and the length. After know all well, now you need to do research to determine which one is the best product you must have.

But, don’t wasting your time do research. Because in this article, we gonna talk about best double edge safety razor recently on the market. Here will mention two products only, purposely won’t make you insanely confuse to choose the best one.

  1. Double Edge Safety Razor – by Edwin Jagger

Double Edge Safety Razor – by Edwin JaggerThe first best double edge safety razor is by Edwin Jagger. If you are a pro, you’ll know this brand nicely. Or maybe you have used this product to help you out overcome those beards. Edwin Jagger itself established in 1988. Almost three decades this product sold in the market. To be honest, Edwin Jagger is family owned and it’s going to produced a razor but in different designs. The design itself came from self-inspiration, hand on hand.

The product came up in silver color, look sturdy. Edwin Jagger using DE head to fits all DE blades. Then, when it comes from un-DE blades, the shaver will not working as you wish. The shaver equipped with a brush to help you to smear the shaving cream. All Edwin Jagger brushes made of high-end material, delivers good quality.

When you making a purchase on best double edge safety razor by Edwin Jagger, you need to spend $30.40 to get a shaver kit with a regular handle. When you want a long handle or short handle, you need to spend more buck. Because the addition will charged by the manufacturer. It’s not a big deal to spend buck to get this best razor. Moreover, this product made of Edwin Jagger’s hand and its becme phenomenal.

The result with Edwin Jagger’s razor completely awesome. It delivers closeness, smooth shave, then flawless will arise immediately. Worry free what kind of beard you got, bearish or gauzy or thick, no matter what. This razor absolutely work out in every single task, and the result is awesome. Having this product on hand, of course, will save you money each day. Before it still available on Amazon, make sure you purchase one item.

  1. All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2 – by Feather

All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor, Model AS-D2 – by Feather

The next product is Stainless steel double edge razor by Feather. This one well-known as high-end razor that end up in high price tag. No need to surprice because the price tag over than $100. The correct amount is $140 on Amazon. I don’t know if the other online market offers the lower price tag. You can check it online.

Thoughit’s pricey, the quality will not deny you. The quality of the razor have been surpassing the other replacement razor on the market these days. It means, edge razor by Feather is the best best best ever these days on the market. Further, how’s come its built-in bad quality, meanwhile the price tag insanely killed people (joking). The razor by Feather also has acknowledge as the innovative razor all over the world. It is also lightweight because the weight just for 90 grams.

Stainless steel double edge razor by Feather built-in luxury, sturdy, and put forward the quality. You can see the luxurious easily by looking in the picture. Its all wrapped by silver color. When you have experience with this razor, you’ll lose your self in shaving. Because it feels a bit different when you use Feather razors. The modern technology in it will hand you the greater control to tackle those beards you got.

Well known as the best razor in the world, made making a purchase on Feather razor fully unregretful. The $140 you spent will extremely not a big deal. Moreover, its better to spend more to get the best product instead spend less for a garbage. It means this razor can save more buck in future, if one time you making a purchase on it.

Well, that’s all the information about best double edge safety razor on the market. Get to know the best razor only will not complete without knowing the best shaver on the market. Kindly visit gazblogs to get more info about shaver. Hope you find it beneficial and help you out to choose the best razor for you.

Men Must Know a Complete Guide – Philips Norelco PT724

Philips is one of the world’s leading brands. Philips’ track record is known as a good and durable product. Philips is an electronic company, one of which is an electronic shaver product. Electronic shaver manufactured by Philips one of them is Philips Norelco PT724 type. This is an advanced electronic shaver and has many advantages and also durable. Below you will get a review of this product especially about the specifications, performance and advantages of this tool.

Philips Norelco PT724


About the Products

This type of product has a price that is not too expensive that is $ 91.38 and you can buy the head separately because for optimal use, then you should replace the head every 12 months. In addition, you can also shave the contour part more easily and comfortably with 66% cleanliness level at once. There is also a pop up trimmer on this tool which will make it easier for you to shave the mustache area. In addition, this tool also has a sharp knife but is equipped by a safety rubber that is very effective to prevent scratches or sores on your face. This tool uses lithium batteries that you can charge for 8 hours and can last used for 40 minutes. After that you can charge again the battery until full power back. Lithium ion batteries are classified as durable and can be used repeatedly. In addition, this product is a product that can be used flexibly because without cord making it easier for you to use it. You can use this product dry or wet, but after using this product you should make sure to keep your equipment to stay durable and not easily damaged. Clean the remnants of hair from the knife. Wash the appliance thoroughly then dry with a towel. Turn off the appliance and store the device in a humid or non-direct sunlight.


This tool is a tool that is not expensive but still has a good performance and riveting. The shape and design is also nice and beautiful. This minimalist tool also has several color variants, the main is a combination of black, metal and gray. The combination of these three colors seem luxurious and elegant. Also available are dark blue, light gray, and others. You can choose the color you like on this product. This tool also has a 3 minute charge capability for once shaving in a short time. In addition, this tool has three blade rings ready to trim your beard to be neater as you want. You can appear more confident after using this tool. In addition you will also get an official warranty from the company when buying this tool. This tool can also easily you get online and immediately sent to your home address after you make a payment or transaction.

Based on the above product review, now you have known some advantages and disadvantages of Philips Norelco PT724 products that you can compare with other types if you want to buy electric razors. Hopefully this article useful for you. Good luck!