Bellotte-Functional-Stylish-Baby-Tote-Diaper-BagPurchasing a diaper bag has different thrills compared to choosing any hand bag for parties. This versatile item should be functional, stylish, and most importantly, easy to maintain. A bag with cute design, lots of pockets and could be washed with a washing machine is a sweet dream for parents.

  1. Glazed Fabric

This type of fabric has light weight, with extra coat to make it waterproof and more durable. There are two types of glazed fabric available in the market: Coated Canvas and Teflon Coated Nylon.

Coated Canvas

The basic material is canvas. This light material then decorated with pretty prints, then glazed with coat. As the result, the material has great durability and allow you to wipe clean any stain.

Teflon Coated Nylon

Another option for light fabric is nylon. It is easy to color and the coat will keep the vivid color as well as blocking the stain to be absorbed into the material. In addition, you could also throw the material into the washing machine to clean up the dust. 

  1. Leather

If you after a little bit of luxury, leather might be the best option for you. It also has durable material which could be cleaned by wiping it using wet cloth. The only thumb down from a genuine leather is its heavy weight, even though it could last for the next 15 years. For lighter option, you could try the vegan leather instead.

  1. Cotton

This material is loved for its charming pattern, easy care and light weight. To clean this fabric, you may wipe or hand wash it. If you ask about durability, this fabric might not be the best one. Therefore, cotton fabric is often paired to more durable material such as leather.

There are various material options for the bag. Most of them are designed to be waterproof, but not all could hold colors well. Those with light weight, usually have charming patterns. In the other hand, heavier fabric like leather offers classic and limited design. After considering the plus and minus of each diaper bag, pick the best one for you.