Best USB 3.0 Keys Transcend TS16GJF780 Jetflash 780

We are facing another pen drive from the price to catch on the fly. With its 16GB capacity, it delivers great speeds we have 140 MB per second reading and 44 MB per second in writing. A highly suggestive chessboard design and a sleek, glossy frame with a shape that never encapsulates the surrounding USB ports. And then it’s Kingston, which is another of the best brands for memory cards and USB pens.

Best USB 3.0 Keys SanDisk Ultra Flair

This key features a brushed metal design at the latest scream, on top of the top smartphone style like LG G3. The key fits directly into the PC without the need to remove caps or pull out the attachment. Also here the value for money is really great jakartacopy. It has a capacity of 32 GB and boasts unmatched speeds for its price range, which even reach 150 MB per second in data transfer. The manufacturer states that it is possible to transfer a whole movie with USB 3.0 technology in less than 30 seconds. Writing speed is equally as good as 50 MB per second with large files.

Best USB 3.0 Keys SanDisk Cruzer Extreme

This key has the same capacity as the previous one of the same brand 32 GB; But it costs about double. Yet we can say that it is among the best USB sticks in circulation. Because For its astonishing speed. In fact, it can even reach 190 MB per second as writing speed, while it is even more powerful with reading at 245 MB per second. Its construction also allows it to withstand shocks, X-rays and even water.

Editor’s Choice – Best USB 3.0 Keys Toshiba Osumi2


Finally, we present you the top of the range for excellence, the key you should never ask. Toshiba Osumi2 has a capacity of 64 GB and, in addition to its eye-catching, elegant design and impact-resistant design, it boasts speeds that are more than twice as high as the average of USB 3.0 keys. Reading speeds can reach up to 222 MB per second, while in writing we have a maximum of 205 MB per second. It is particularly productive even if it is used with Windows ReadyBoost, which is to expand the RAM of your PC. Finally, the manufacturer states that the 25 GB transfer would take just 5 minutes. Practically perfect for any kind of use, we especially recommend buying this pen drive.