A Family Home, Cozy and Elegant

The apartment we will see in this Book of Ideas is a successful mix of modern furnishings and simple and comfortable details that create a functional, intimate and cozy environment. Let’s see together a few pictures illustrating the style.

A timeless style

The wooden elements and the brightness of the white, a clean and elegant combination that never tastes.

The stairs, minimalist and majestic

In the staircase, a soft, minimalist lighting was combined with wood and white. The linear design of the stairs leading upstairs confirms the will to create a sober and elegant atmosphere.

A comfortable sitting room

The living room welcomes us with its warm and comfortable atmosphere enriched by the presence of the fireplace. Architects have decided to create a large open space that encloses different areas destined for various functions and to include trendy accessories and decorations, especially with regard to lighting. The set is comfortable, spacious and essential. The open space includes kitchen, dining area and living room. The furniture distribution is functional and leaves the right space to move. The choice of materials, colors and furnishing makes it possible to keep the various areas distinct and recognize the functions to which they are destined.

The environment is very bright thanks to the presence of large windows and the living room is made even more elegant by the combination of modern furniture that contains the television and electronic devices and bricks, more rustic than the fireplace.

The dining area consists of a simple white table with its four chairs. A minimalist choice that buys originality near the red bricks, such as the fireplace, covering the wall dividing the dining area from the kitchen. This partition with its countertop is particularly comfortable because it facilitates the passage of dishes between the kitchen and the dining room during meals.

The kitchen

In the kitchen we find the combination of wood and white we had to appreciate in the entrance. It is a very functional and complete kitchen with everything you need. The many enclosed lockers allow you to easily keep everything clean and orderly, making the environment very enjoyable.

The bathrooms

Like the other rooms, the bathroom, furnished in Scandinavian style, is very spacious. The simple shapes of the furnishings enhance the quality of the materials and the beauty of elegant and refined design. A simple and accurate style that characterizes the whole home. To see more examples click here.