5 Dressing Rooms For Each Type Of Space

Women and lately many men, everyone loves to have such an organization to allow you to have the right outfit for every occasion at hand. But how to realize a walk-in closet If you’re looking for inspiration, you ended up in the right place! We selected five different projects, able to adapt perfectly to the style of your home and especially also to the available space.

In the apartment old

In the near beautiful surroundings, restored from a vintage apartment in Turin by con3studio, the wooden-white combination is explosive and charming. This dual mood, involving on the one hand a warm ceiling beams left intact, and on the other a set of modern and functional furniture, is full of little touches 50 years, first of all the colored pattern in upholstery. Between the vintage and the current, the stylistic taste of this living environment is characterized by the balance that characterizes positively.

Focus on recycled furniture

Who said that the Mediterranean style is all about bright colors and decorative forms of impression The next interior design located near the capital, is the example of the exact opposite. The imposing glass and wrought iron doors filters natural light into the environment and makes it bright. Here, between mobile recovery with wooden facades and design stairs, it is evident the great white dose used for ferrying better light. The styling refinements added value of the house, both the shape of the room, which for the furniture and the accessories used for decorative purposes.


In the room Eclectic

A stand out for quality and creative concept totally naive in the center of Turku, Finland, is Juhana house, an apartment of 65 square meters, whose rooms, one after the other, they can surprise for several reasons, first of all, the wood and white combination, Nordic furnishings typical. Here exploited for his playful and eclectic potential of accessories and furnishings from decorative nature, the wooden component becomes versatile and full of panache the ceiling lamps are in full scandi-chic style with texture triangular and hanging using simple wires colored current while to amaze and entertain is the second lamp, floor, simulating the appearance of a four-legged friend. The parquet in white ash is a real strong point of the building, can illuminate the square footage and vehicular natural light along with gaudy colors of paintings and decorative objects, balanced use of white on the remaining walls and ceiling.