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Want to Look Like “Angelina Jolie” Women This fact Ends As zombies

Nowadays plastic surgery isincreasingly favored by the people.How come? Those who had a flat nose could turn it into a plaza. For those who are elderly, it could look much younger in a matter of weeks thanks to plastic surgery. In essence, with plastic surgery, you can change the look of the face as desired . Many women do instant way such as plastic surgery or injections in order to look perfect beauty, perfect beauty-obsessed will make many of them were willing himself dissected in order to face and body look perfect.

Well, d i the days of growing , we are increasingly able to feel the impact of these advances in medical technology, one of them in plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can support a person’s career that requires appearance to be a major focus. One of the benefits of plastic surgery is felt by the celebrities in the running career. Then if the operation dijalanin are 100% successful? Is there bahayah received by the body after surgery? Well to know more, it helps us see review below.

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Explanation Regarding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical action that focuses on the reconstruction or repair of defects and deficiencies in the patient’s physical function due to disease, injury, congenital diseases and surgery that ever lived. Well, certainly had a purpose then? Well, the main purpose of this action is to restore the function of the skin, skull and jaw structure of the face (maxillofacial), spinal muscular systems (musculoskeletal), breasts, legs and arms and genitals through a surgical repair.

Plastic surgery also includes the reconstruction of aesthetic and surgical measures that aim to improve the physical quality of the unwanted from normal body structures. What is meant by plastic surgery does not mean using a plastic base material in this operation, but plastic surgery comes from the Greek ‘platikos’ which means “form” . So plastic surgery has absolutely nothing to do with the plastic material that we often encounter in the home.

As for some types of plastic surgery that is known in the community and is often done by many people of course the process will vary according to the type of plastic surgery performed. And processes several kinds of plastic surgery, among others:

Type Plastic Surgery

Before performing plastic surgery, usually a patient’s first see a doctor in order to know how to type and process that will be carried out on parts of his body. So it’s good to know some kind and purpose of the surgery.

1. By Destinations

The type of plastic surgery is divided into two, namely:

  • Reconstructive surgery that aims to improve specific body parts if any damage or malfunction.
  • Cosmetic surgery that aims to gain a handsome appearance.

2. By Sector

To date, there are several types of plastic surgery by the surgical field;

  • Craniofacial surgical or surgical face and head.
  • Micro surgery or surgery performed to repair organs or tissues is very small.
  • Surgical hand.
  • Surgical burns.
  • Surgical reconstruction after tumor ablation or surgery performed after the erosion or removal of the tumor.
  • Aesthetic surgery.

What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is tempting, but before enjoying the results, you must be sick first. Here are the things you should know about plastic surgery.

  1. When deciding to beautify themselves in this way, you should have some free time to shut himself in the house. Because you certainly would feel uncomfortable if you have to move with the facial swelling or bruising as a result of the operation. Usually, the healing process takes about 6-12 weeks, but depending on your situation and the actions you take.
  2. One surgery is sometimes not enough to get a face shape envisioned. Required further surgery to get perfect results and certainly will drain a lot of the cost. Keep in mind that plastic surgery for beauty purpose not covered by insurance.
  3. You will have the incision scar, but it will fade over time.

Well, If you’ve actually decided to plastic surgery, of course you have to be ready also bear all the risks that would occur during or after surgery. Did you know that not all operations performed always successful . And you need to understand that the failure of the operation could only be known by a plastic surgeon, generally after having plastic surgery, the patient will come back for control after three days. After one week, the stitches will be removed and viewed evolution over a month.

Usually patients whose operations succeed it does not feel any reaction after one month, but not all patients have the same conditions, the development was seen for up to three months to determine whether or not the operating results. Doctor Eddy Karta, SpKK , adding that not all operations have the same impact. The side effects of each different surgery, doctors Enrina also said to be alert for signs redness after doing construction on the nose.

If the tip of the nose red berkepanjang experience it is a sign of trouble, immediately see a doctor who performed the surgery in order to quickly acted upon . How? Still dare to do plastic surgery. Just like this one obsessed teenagers will face his idol he was so daring operation, but a pity face changed drastically, not beauty that he received his face actually looks like “Zombie”.

Although Already Running 50 Plastic Surgery, Young Woman Looks Like This fact Zombie

As mentioned before, that when they wanted to perform plastic surgery should know the effect and the process would be conducted on the body. Well, it can be said that the fate of this girl is terrible. Not like Angelina Jolie, his face so changed like a zombie as a result of plastic surgery. You could say maybe he was so loved artists of Hollywood , just as obsessed fans will face his idol. Many ways in which a fan or fans to such a figure idolized artist or actor.

Ranging from how to dress, hairstyle to undergo facial surgery to look like his idol. Girl named Sahar Tabar (19) This was idolized Angelina Jolie. He also did everything possible as plastic surgery to resemble his idol. But the result is not as people imagine. In Instagramnya account, sahartabar official, even a mockery warganet Patience because his face looks more like the character of the direction of Tim Burton’s animated film, Corpse Bride than her idol, Angelina Jolie. And below you can see photos of young women before having plastic surgery.

Maybe so very loved ya guys, the article it to perform 50 plastic surgery to be similar to his idol ” Angelina Jolie “. The young woman from Tehran, Iran, claiming that he was her biggest fans and said he would do anything to be like her. Not only do the operation, it turns out this girl was not kidding in the deformed face up posture . This girl doing extreme diet to maintain body weight in order to look like Angelina Jolie, about 40 kilograms . Now thanks to the new look, Sahar became selebgram with the number reaching 300,000 followers .

How? Are there any of you obsessed with the actress on board? It’s good if it’s good to be careful and think well before doing plastic surgery. Because as you know this is not just a young girl who has ever experienced a failure would have plastic surgery.

Some Hollywood artists and prominent public figures also had to undergo plastic surgery failure that ultimately make them regret having done so, the lips become too thick or too pointy nose that would make us look very fake and looks like a transvestite. For that declares the discussion of woe young teenager whose face became terrible failing in performing plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Side Effects

Has a beautiful face is a dream for women. To obtain this, many women are willing to do anything like use lightening creams and even some that take instant steps by performing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is one step in an instant be able to reconstruct parts of the body that are considered less than perfect. With plastic surgery is expected to have a body part that can be deformed A shortage of as expected. Melania Trump Plastic Surgery

Gambar terkait


Using instant way as plastic surgery has many advantages to support your beauty. However, not infrequently a plastic surgery that led to the failure. So this makes the face more strange and unpalatable. Before deciding to perform plastic surgery. Here are the side effects of plastic surgery for body health.

Negative Impact of Plastic Surgery


Moments seletah operation is completed, usually the patient will bleed. If the bleeding does not stop immediately course this will lead to complications and blood pembekuaan. Blood clotting that occurs will make the skin color to purple or blue-black. In medical terms, it is called a hematoma. Continuous hematoma can lead to other problems such as infection.

Anesthesia reaction

The side effects of plastic surgery next anesthetic reaction. As you know when a surgical procedure lasts much needed anesthesia or certainly the most referred to an action for pain relief while undergoing surgery or operation. One of them is plastic surgery. Someone who has a particular medical history may require a longer time to respond. Not only that, such person may also experience more serious reactions in the vital organs such as the heart. A common reaction experienced by a person after surgery are nausea, vomiting and loss of consciousness for too long.

Nerve damage

Besides bleeding and anesthesia negative reactions, side effects of plastic surgery also suffered nerve damage. If this is the case, then the body after surgery will experience numbness or nerve damage.

Blood clotting

Blood clots usually occur after plastic surgery procedures performed. This result will make someone into operation should not be moved during the recovery process. In addition, if a blood clot occurs in vital organs such as the heart or brain, this would require a very serious medical treatment and can be harmful to the patient.

Pain and Scars

Someone who had undergone surgery process must already know that one of the most frequent side effect is pain and scarring at the incision area. The pain can be alleviated by taking the drug, but scars can not be eliminated instantly, to eliminate needed care at a cost that is quite expensive.

Now that some of the side effects of plastic surgery for body health. Read also the article about type silicone injections and side effects.

Health Security for body and beauty of the skin of the fruit Jackfruit

Jackfruit has a Latin name Artocarpus heterophyllus and included in the family Moraceae . In English jackfruit known as Jackfruit. Nangka was related to jackfruit and breadfruit.

Jackfruit has a sweet nature and a slightly chewy texture. Although very different from the durian fruit is almost identical, have the same outer shell spiked. However dri jackfruit skin is not as sharp thorn durian rind.

Gambar terkait

Jackfruit is the fruit of a multifunctional because than can be eaten directly as other fruits, young jackfruit can be cooked as a mixture of various vegetables. For its size, it is very varied and besides jackfruit issued a distinctive fragrance when ripe fruit such as durian fruit. In addition to good taste, eating jackfruit and seeds can also be consumed to provide health insurance for the body. Here are reviews more.
Prevent cancer
Jackfruit containing compounds such as isoflavones, lignans, and saponins, these compounds have anti-cancer properties that prevent cancer cells to grow, in addition to the content of fitonutrein Yanga in jackfruit can be used to prevent free radicals or bad influence on the environment, with routine the fruit consumption can reduce the risk of cancer.
preventing anemia
Nangka have an iron content high enough is comparable with other greens, such an iron content can effectively raise the level of red blood cells in the body. Given the red blood cells is important, this blood cell deficiency can cause dizziness head and body become easily tired which is a symptom of anemia.
Prevent digestive problems
The fruit in this tropical country are quite high fiber, fiber is very good for preventing various digestive problems such as constipation. Fiber is also very good to protect the membrane of the intestine mukosadi barbagai hazardous chemicals. There is also a potent anti-ulcer in jackfruit that can heal the wounds of the stomach wall.
Preventing problems in the eye
The content of vitamin A that is pretty much on the jackfruit can prevent many problems in the eye and good for the skin, since vitamin A has many benefits such as preventing the problem in the eye when it is entering old age, such as night blindness, presbiopi and other disorders.
Preventing high blood pressure
Jackfruit contains a lot of potassium compounds that are beneficial to lower blood pressure and keep it stable, high blood pressure can lead to various problems at the heart of both coronary heart disease and stroke.
In addition to health benefits, it jackfruit are also very useful for skin beauty are:
  1. Overcoming oily skin, the content of jackfruit can keep oil production in the skin, the way to menggunkannya as a face mask.
  2. Treating acne, just like other fruit vitamin content in jackfruit can treat acne and also helps eliminate scars.
  3. Brighten the skin, you can use the jackfruit and milk mixed with honey and then make it as a mask then it will get brighter skin.
  4. Overcoming warts, you do not need to worry anymore with warts problem, because the red fruit can eliminate them, how to smooth the nagka seeds dry and sprinkle on the part of the ad wart.
Such reviews about the benefits of jackfruit for health and beauty skin. may be useful!