For those of you who live in urban then have a wide and wide house to meet all your home needs is a thing that may be very impossible. The large population and incessant development became one of the factors that reduce the land to make the house wide and wide. However, this time the minimalist home model is able to answer the problem. For those of you who have many family members, then the model of 2nd floor minimalist house can be your choice.

To create a minimalist style on your 2-storey house then the first thing you should do is prepare your design or floor plan. Make two floor plans because your house consists of 2 floors that have several rooms with different functions. You can search various references related to home design from the internet, magazines and books or you can consult with your home architect to create the dwelling you want. Adjust the amount of space with your needs so you really maximize your 2 floor home minimalist well.2 floor home minimalist house

Once you have the design then you should immediately build your house. To create your 2nd floor minimalist house, then you can use the wall color game to give you the impression you want. You can combine a variety of bright and natural colors such as black, gray, yellow, green, purple, brown in the design of your home so as to give the impression of a wider house, spacious and elegant. With the right blend then you can create the beauty of the house is very interesting and beautiful so as to make you more at home at home.

In addition to color, furniture selection is also very important. For a house with minimalist style, then use the furniture is minimalist and multifunctional so aside from being able to make the room in your home the more spacious also able to give a modern impression in your home. Customize the furniture you use with the home concept you want to create. In addition, the fusion of colors that fit between the furniture and the walls of the room can be a determinant of the impression you want to give to your 2 floor minimalist home.

To design your 2nd floor minimalist house, you can use additional exterior design in your home. So not only the interior of your attention but also the exterior. You can add a pool garden design, fence and balcony in your home. With these additions are able to give the impression of life and luxury in your 2-storey house in a minimalist style. The most important is the suitability of the color between the interior and exterior in your home to create a comfortable, beautiful, beautiful, elegant and able to display the character of the home owner.